SHARK Metro Division - RSJ

A new look for this fiber open-face helmet but still with the same comfort. This year it offers an interior of natural bamboo fibre. An ideal open face for urban or road use.

  • High optical quality
  • Sunshield
  • Comfortable Interior made of natural bamboo fibre
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog visor optional
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  • RSJ RSJ -ST Silver new

   RSJ -ST Silver new

  • RSJ 3 Black
  • RSJ 3 Silver new
  • RSJ 3 White azur
  • RSJ 3 Mat Black Metal Mat
  • RSJ 3 Mat Silver new
  • RSJ 3 FAST LINE Black Blu Gold
  • RSJ 3 FAST LINE White Black Gold
  • RSJ 3 FAST LINE White black silver
  • RSJ 3 FAST LINE Mat Black orange white
  • RSJ 3 STARRY White Red Green
  • RSJ 3 STARRY Mat Black white white
  • RSJ 3 STARRY Mat Silver Black Black