SHARK Discovery Division - Explore-R

  • A fullface helmet with panoramic field of vision that can become a trail helmet: visor + goggles
  • On/off road: panoramic screen and goggles + peak in the box
  • Autoseal System: making the visor adhering to the helmet’s gasket providing a much better insulation (water and cold)
  • Rapid Antifog System: opening and locking the visor on an anti-mist position
  • Integrated retractable wind shield within the chin cover
  • Available XS (53/54 cm), S (55/56 cm), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL (61/62 cm)

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  • Explore-R EXPLORE-R BLANK Mat Black Mat

   EXPLORE-R BLANK Mat Black Mat

  • EXPLORE-R 2015 CARBON SKIN Carbon Silver Black
  • EXPLORE-R 2015 BLANK White azur
  • EXPLORE-R 2015 BLANK Mat Black Mat
  • EXPLORE-R 2015 ARACHNEUS Black red silver
  • EXPLORE-R 2015 ARACHNEUS White Blue Silver
  • EXPLORE-R 2015 ARACHNEUS Mat Silver Blu Black