Benchmark Statistics

The French group 2R Holding is specialized in equipment for "Riders", spelled with a capital "R". Through the Group's "motorcycle" division, as represented by its 4 complementary brands all with strong name identity (SHARK, Bering, Bagster and Segura), it stands today as one of the world's market leaders in fully equipping motorcycle riders (helmets, leather, textile, luggage, upholstery, etc.). 2R Holding has based its development goals on a tremendous innovation capacity dedicated to performance, new products and safety.

  • 68 million uros in total sales revenue
  • 3 head offices in France: Marseille (13), La Ferté-Macé (61), Carrières-sur-Seine (78)
  • 1 plant located in France (Normandy) and 2 plants elsewhere (Thailand and Portugal)
  • 1 sourcing office based in Shanghai
  • 50 distribution offices throughout Europe
  • 60 % of motorcycle equipment is sold on the export market
  • 380 000, is the number of SHARK helmets sold in 2014
  • 400 000, is the number of items sold by BERING and SEGURA combined in 2015
  • 8 à 10% of revenue is invested in innovation
  • 20 engineers on staff
  • 5 new patents filed on average per year
  • SHARK is distributed in nearly 60 countries with some 200 product references
  • BERING can tap into an international network of over 50 distributors
  • 1 helmet sold every 2 minutes